Metal one-touch fittings

Metal one-touch fittings

Product Feature:

Metal one-touch fittings

1. High flow capacity; The flowrate of these fittings is equivalent to that of the adaptable tubings.

2. Inserting or removal tubing is simple and convenient, and the connecting portion is reliable and durable.

3. Sealant is coated on threaded portion. The M5 metric thread is attached with a sealing gasket, to ensure no leakage of the threaded connection part.

4. The fitting metal body adopts a special nickel-plating process, which has good corrosion resistance.

5. Metal fittings can be used in high temperature environment.




Operating pressure range0~9kgf/cm2(0~0.9MPa)
Negative pressure-750mmHg(10Torr)
Proof pressure1.5MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature (℃)0~150
Applicable tubingSoft nylon or polyurethane

Installation & Usage:


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