One-touch fittings—tube-tube type

One-touch fittings—tube-tube type

Product Feature:

One-touch fittings—tube-tube type

1. Variable models can be widely used in every kind of pneumatic systems.

2. High circulation performance: bear the same flow with the volume of the tubing inside diameter.

3. Connect tubing easily and conveniently. The tubing connection portion is safe and durable.

4. The threaded portion is covered with sealant and the M5 thread is attached with a sealing gasket to prevent air leakage over the connection thread portion.

5.The nickel plated body is anti-corrosion and anti-pollution, which allows a broader application.




Operating pressure range0~9kgf/cm2(0~0.9MPa)
Negative pressure-750mmHg(10Torr)
Proof pressure1.5MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature (℃)0~60
Applicable tubingSoft nylon or polyurethane

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