Mini Cylinder (Stainless Steel, 1S06432) – Ml Series

Mini Cylinder (Stainless Steel, 1S06432) – Ml Series

Product feature

1. In accordance with ISO6432 standard(Cll8-Cll25).
2. Front and back cover owns fixed bumper pad which can reduce the impact of direction-change of the cylinder.
3. There are several mode of back cover, which makes the installation of cylinder more convenient.
4. Front and back cover and stainless steel block adopt riveted
rolling packed structure to form a reliable connection.
5.Piston rod and cylinder body with the material of stainless steel make the cylinder adapt general working environment with corrosivity.
6. There are cylinders and accessories with several specifications [Note] Consult us for non-Standard stroke.
for installation for your choice.



Mini Cylinder (Stainless Steel, 1S06432)

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