Custom Weld Spiral

Custom Weld Spiral

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· Weld spatter resistant
· Outer jacket meetsUL94VO flame resistant specification
· Excellent bend radius
· Rated for full vacuum (28”Hg)



Weld tubing spirals are designed for use in and around welding equipment and severe service. LE tubing has excellent
hydrolysis properties making it suitable for use in water piping, pneumatic piping and vacuum applications.
ATP currently offers a full line of weld spir als in metric siz es. Fractional sizes are also a vailable on a limited b asis.
Manufactured with Shore A 98 durometer polyurethane inner core and an outer jacket of an olefin pr vides a flameresistant
cover. The cover can be easily stripped off the inner core to allow use with standard Technifit™ push-to-connect


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