Armor-Weld™ – Spatter Resistant Tubing

Armor-Weld™ – Spatter Resistant Tubing

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Armor-Weld™ Spatter Resistant, covered poly¬urethane weld tubing, manufactured by ATP, is specially designed for use in and around welding equipment or other severe-service applications. Armor-Weld™ is standard, ATP polyurethane tubing cornered by an olefin flame-resistant layer. Its ether-based material gives it excellent hydrolysis properties making it suitable for use in water piping, as well as pneu¬matic piping and vacuum applications.
Armor-Weld™ tubing can be bonded together to create an ideal, color-coded solution for supply and return lines in robotic welding applications. The covering is separate from the inner tube and is easily stripped. After covering is stripped, Armor-Weld™ can be used with standard push-to-connect type fittings.



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